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Perfect Size Walnut Cutting Board

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This little cutting board speaks for itself! Walnut is one of the most intense woods that there is. Hard to believe that this solid wood cutting board was slated for the chipper! Deep rich tones of the hart wood, incredible wood grain like I have never seen before - unique is an understatement. This board is the perfect wedding gift,but it is so awesome you will want to keep it for yourself!

This Eco-friendly cutting board measures 10.5 inches long x 10.5 inches wide and stands .75 inches tall.

Silky smooth it is hard to believe that this board is reclaimed. Our cutting boards are sanded with multiple grades of sandpaper and a lot of muscle. Many folks are unaware that mineral oil is a petroleum product. Our food safe finish is simply beeswax and walnut oil - no fillers , no chemicals and no petroleum!

Care for this board like you would any other fine wooden cutting board. Do not soak. Clean with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly. If board starts to look dry, treat with our house made , food safe beeswax/walnut oil cutting board finish.

What makes Shire Home Furnishings stand out? The attention to detail - from the hand rubbed , house made finish that I make daily in my Virginia workshop , my passion for reclaimed , natural materials reflects in the items that I make. From my home to yours , with love and respect - I create with what has already been felled.